What is a “podcast” and can it help your personal injury firm?

One of the digital media world’s newest offspring is the “podcast”. The word, attributed to Ben Hammersley in a 2004 Guardian newspaper article, came about as follows: the “pod” is borrowed from Apple’s “iPod” and the “cast” taken from radio’s...

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Tips on how to market your small personal injury law firm

A lot of small personal injury law firms feel at a disadvantage when competing with well-capitalized law offices. The large firms have more money to spend on advertising, have more resources and are probably better known. So what’s a small...

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Neuromarketing: Getting into the minds of your target audience

Heart rate, eye tracking, galvanic skin response, facial coding, MRIs...sounds all very medical and scientific. It is! Welcome to the world of neuromarketing.

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What can we do about the increase of fatalities due to distracted driving?

We know there are distracted drivers out there in record numbers causing accidents. Distracted driving can stem from putting on make-up, changing a radio station, using a navigation system, eating, talking on your cell phone, and texting.

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How to safely drive on the road with commercial vehicles

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) reports that there were 480,000 truck and bus accidents in 2016. Although the number is less than that of the overall number of car crashes, injuries and fatalities are far greater in a...

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If you ride a motorcycle, check your uninsured driver provision

If you ride a motorcycle and are hit by an uninsured driver, you may think the uninsured driver provision of your own car insurance will cover your damages. Maybe. It is going to depend on how the underwriter wrote the uninsured driver (UM)...

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Determining a traumatic brain injury after a personal injury accident

Personal injury attorneys who represent clients who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) say these cases are very emotional for all. Although TBIs can be mild or moderate, a severe TBI can change a person’s life irreparably.

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Waymo testing self-driving cars without backup drivers

I’m just not sure what to think about this yet. Waymo, Google’s self-driving car development arm is testing autonomous cars, without having any backup drivers inside the vehicles.  They are testing the fleet on public roads and within the next...

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Why branding your personal injury law firm is so important

The very worst law office scenario is waiting for the phone to ring. If you’re phone isn’t ringing off the hook, then you might consider your legal marketing strategies, especially if you don’t have any. One of the most important ways to market a...

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Could self-driving cars really create idyllic city streets?

Can you imagine a world where the roads are only populated by self-driving cars? Some experts project that autonomous cars will be standard by 2030. With this unlikely likelihood of self-driving cars becoming the vehicles of the future, some...

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