How content marketing can boost your personal injury law practice

Posted by Sharon Bowles on Feb 25, 2018 4:12:30 PM

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Content marketing is a very important part of online marketing for personal injury attorneys, but before I explain all of the options, let’s talk first about what it is.

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of anything you put online about yourself and/or your business. This includes such material as blogs, videos, social media posts, your website and more. The intention is to un-explicitly promote your brand while stimulating interest in your personal injury law services.

How you can use content marketing to boost your personal injury law practice

Earlier, I mentioned blogs, videos, social media posts and websites as content marketing examples. These are only a few of the possibilities of how you can use content online to attract more clients and boost your brand. Here are a few more.

  • eBooks and White Papers can be used to boost brand awareness through fleshing out a topic in an authoritative yet easy-to-understand manner. They help to explain and then solve an issue. An eBook topic could be, “5 Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney.” A white paper topic could be, “How to Successfully Give a Deposition.”
  • Case Studies are a very effective way to provide credibility for your law firm. Without using client names (or using their name with permission), you can write about the success you had in a med mal case, or a TBI settlement. Case studies usually end with a call to action to contact you.
  • Infographics are visual images that usually consist of a visual, chart or diagram to represent specific data or information. They help present content in a visually engaging way. An example could be the “5 Leading Causes and Prevention of Slip and Fall Accidents.”
  • Slide Shares are the social media equivalent of a PowerPoint presentation. The information you want to share is displayed in a slideshow format, and can be used for “how to” tips or other information that you want to share. It too is a very appealing visual presentation that can help your brand.

Content marketing is a very important part of your overall marketing strategy. It can give you more referral traffic, more visibility in search engines, improve brand reputation and recognition, and decrease your marketing costs.

If you need help with writing content for your content marketing plans, give us a call. Our experienced writing and digital professionals have the expertise to make your online presence one of great value to you and your personal injury practice.

Remember, our business is to help get you the business!

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