Expert Law Marketing Advice: How Most Attorney Advertising Campaigns Fail

Posted by Group Matrix on Feb 5, 2015 6:46:53 AM

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Each week, I sit in on at least one phone call with an attorney who is looking to retain our services. The calls almost always go the same way. We talk about:

  • The history of Group Matrix Advertising.
  • The success of our clients.
  • The attorney’s market.
  • The attorney’s goals.
  • How much time and money to reach those goals.
  • And finally we refer them to our clients for references to hear it for themselves.

In every call we talk about what works in the world of attorney advertising. But only once in over 1,000 calls did we talk about what does not work. This particular prospect wanted to know "what did not work, and why it did not work?" Great question…

The success rate in attorney advertising is abysmal. I can safely predict over 75% of the attorneys that launch a TV campaign in 2015 will not be on the air in 2016. Let me repeat that. Over 75% of attorney advertising campaigns fail.

Why, you ask?

Bookcases. Because they stand in front of bookcases. Because they talked about themselves. Because they bored people...

People do not watch TV to be bored. People watch TV to be entertained. You want your viewers to remember your advertising. Attorneys in tailored suits, talking about their AV Martindale-Hubble rating is boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.

Boring attorney commercials do not work. Entertaining and clever attorney commercials do. This is not a big revelation. This is a tenant of all advertising since the beginning of time.

An advertisement must first capture a person’s attention. Then, and only then, are you are allowed the privilege of disseminating your message. It is the same rule whether you are selling pizza or professional services. The public understands, accepts and rewards advertisers that do this.

The power of TV is its ability to use sight, sound and motion to create emotion. It is not about what you say and what you do... It is about how you say it, and how you do it. The mystical element we call… MOJO.

MOJO (n) - How you say what you say. How you do what you do.

Next time you watch TV, turn the sound off and watch commercials. Does it hold your attention? Did you want to hear what that ad was about? Did it have MOJO? That is an ad that works. That is how you will know if you are watching a great ad. We here at Group Matrix know creative attorney advertising. Check out this spot for our friends over at Alexander & Catalano in New York:
[video mp4=""][/video]

There are a million other things that go into creating a successful attorney advertising campaign but it all starts, and ends, with MOJO.

Ryan Serritella
Executive Vice President
Group Matrix

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