How to promote your brand with Facebook ads

Posted by Sharon Bowles on Jun 18, 2018 10:29:56 PM

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Although organic marketing can be very successful (SEO audits, creating inbound content, blogs, etc.), if you want to rank better in Google and get traction on your social media platforms, paid advertising plays an important role. In this article, we’ll concentrate on how you can best promote your brand with Facebook ads.

How to promote your brand with Facebook ads

Setting aside a budget for advertising on several social media platforms is recommended. However, with the recent changes being made on Facebook, it is increasingly important to invest in paid advertising on their site.

In a previous article about these changes, “Facebook changing newsfeed priorities and will likely affect business brands”, we discussed how they are going to prioritize their newsfeeds. Standard brand and business content might take a hit, as more posts from friends and family will be shown first. To keep your brand front and center, we recommend that you invest in Facebook ads, as this will be the most assured way of getting visitors to your website.

  • Because Facebook’s advertising algorithm rewards ads with engaging content, you want to find your best performing organic posts. Analyze your current posts to see what is performing well (using either Facebook’s analytics). As an alternative, you can also create just a regular Facebook post using the content you want to use in the ad and see how it does.
  • As with any marketing effort, it is important to build and target your audience. As personal injury attorneys, check out the posts of your competitors to see who follows them and what their ads look like.
  • To identify specific information about your potential clients, you should perform A/B testing. This will reveal their demographics and interests and behaviors to help your targeting efforts.
  • When you are ready to create your Facebook ad, decide whether you want to create a static ad or a short (15-second) video ad. Statistics show that video ads outperform static ads, but they are more expensive. If a video ad would break your budget, consider A/B testing for a static ad to see what will work best.
  • Create a budget. The best way to define your budget is to determine the cost-per-click. To determine cost-per-click, divide the budget spent by the number of clicks the ad received. So if you spent $300 and 75 people clicked on your ad, it cost you $4 to receive that click. There are other analytical measurements you can use as well, including cost-per-result and cost-per-engagement. Just set realistic goals depending on your budget.
  • Checking the performance of your ads is extremely important. It’s the only way you can see if your ads are working and if the cost of those ads is worth the results. Checking results (metrics) every 24-48 hours to make any tweaks is recommended. If you find an ad isn’t working, stop the ad and use the money for the ads that are working.

 You want to track those metrics that are relevant to your goals and objectives. If your objective is to obtain more clients (business conversions), you should check the number of leads driven by your ads. Cost-per-conversion is probably the most important metric you, as personal injury attorneys, will want to track.

  • Once you have garnered the metrics you wanted to track, make a report of the results. This data will help you in the future to make more informed decisions about your Facebook ad campaigns.

For those personal injury firms that have a full-time staffer responsible for marketing, you can turn to him or her for Facebook advertising advice. For those who need help with creating, managing and reporting on Facebook ad campaigns, give us a call at Group Matrix. We can help you with any and all aspects of your social media campaign.

Group Matrix Blog – June 12, 2018 – by Sharon Bowles