Tips on how to attract more clients to your personal injury law practice

Personal injury law firms come in all sizes – from large and long-established law firms to new sole proprietors. However, all have the same goal; how to attract more clients.

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Auto safety group urges Ford Explorer recall

In a letter to Ford CEO Jim Hackett, a Washington-based non-profit auto safety group, The Center for Auto Safety, repeated its call for Ford Motor Company to recall 1.35 million Explorer SUVs between model years 2011 and 2017 because of continued...

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E-cigarette explosion causes first U.S. death

In May, a 38-year-old man in Florida died from an e-cigarette malfunction. When the vape pen exploded, it sent two projectiles into his head and caused a small fire in his home. An autopsy confirmed the cause of death as a “projectile wound of...

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Be careful which words you use to market your personal injury firm

It’s obvious that to be successful, a personal injury law firm has to advertise. That said, what words will ring false on the ears of prospective clients or get you in trouble with your State Bar?

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A primer on PPC campaigns for personal injury attorneys

If you’ve never heard of PPC campaigns, this article will get you up to snuff. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a type of internet marketing offered by Google wherein businesses bid on keywords or keyword phrases that search engine users may put in...

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Is your website secure?

As you well know, hackers abound online. This brings us to an important question: Is your website secure for you and your client to discuss sensitive information online? Unfortunately, as a website owner, you have to be very sure about who is...

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Twitter text tweets are important but multimedia content is vital

Even with its emphasis on textual posts, research shows that neither an individual nor a business can build a solid base of loyal followers without multimedia content. With its millions of textual Twitter posters, about 40% of marketers verify...

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July is National Fireworks Safety Month

The National Safety Council has designated that July as “National Fireworks Safety Month,” since so many fireworks are lit up and fireworks shows performed for the Fourth of July weekend. The only other holiday where fireworks are common is New...

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Is Google+ useful for your personal injury law firm?

We’ve written about several social media platforms that we think are very helpful for online marketing plans for personal injury law firms. However, one platform we have not discussed is Google+. The reason is that Google+ never took off like...

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The opioid crisis in the U.S. and possible legal action

Recently, POTUS Donald Trump declared opioids a public health emergency, sparking a new legal focus on the problem. As personal injury attorneys, you may receive questions concerning potential lawsuits from callers about opioid addiction.

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