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Posted by Group Matrix on Nov 2, 2015 12:09:04 PM

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Building Premium Brands Requires Premium Creative in Premium Programming.

Sounds expensive right?

Actually, it is the least expensive thing you can do to elevate your brand.

Since the beginning of legal marketing, attorneys have owned the daytime. Lawyers have been the most prominent denizens of what I refer to as C.T.T. (Court, Talk and Trash programming).

Local attorneys spent over $650,000,000 on Broadcast TV advertising in 2014. Over 50% of all of those dollars went to Daytime TV. In contrast, less than 10% of all attorney advertising dollars went to Primetime TV.*

Attorney advertising has single-handedly kept Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, and Maury Povich in the money.

Does that seem like a winning strategy to you?

Well, actually, it is part of a winning direct response strategy. Let’s be honest, daytime programming is cheap compared to other dayparts. It is also efficient at reaching a target audience that may not have access to a lawyer. But really… that’s about it.

What daytime TV does not do is build a premium brand.

To build a world beater reputation, you need to elevate your brand in the eyes of the masses. Primetime, Sports and Specials – all need creative that match the programming. There is no better combination on earth to make your brand relevant, desirable and smell like success.

Think back to 2002 when Cadillac rebooted their brand. They didn’t do it with Daytime. They modernized their product, licensed Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll”, and absolutely murdered the Super Bowl, Primetime and Specials for months on end.

In the aftermath, they successfully pivoted from a stodgy old-man’s car to the “gotta have” car. It reinvigorated the brand, made it sexy and saved Cadillac. They created what we call… GRAVITAS.

And before you say “that doesn’t work for a law firm”, perhaps you should watch some Primetime TV in your own market. I bet you’ll see your competitors there.

Or, call any of our legal clients and ask them if it works… :)

Here’s how Caddy did it in the Super Bowl: Cadillac Been a Long Time

Here’s how we did it: Locker Room


Ryan Serritella, EVP