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The Sun was bright but the window shades were down giving the small room a dark and gloomy pale. As he opened the door he immediately focused on the “chair”. You know the kind, grey metal, armless, with a worn green vinyl seat typical of a government building from the sixties.

Stress was all he could think of – Stress. There was no way to sit comfortably as the sensors were being strapped on. The voice of the examiner was that silly syrupy smoothness that is meant to relax you but only heightens your anxiety. So this is what free speech has come to – a lie detector test of your television ad. It was a new Bar Association Rule shoved into the Summer of 2021 when one of the State Supreme Court justices was in Las Vegas and saw the outrageous claims on Television there. Compliance with Ethics Rule 7.46 (F) annotated required a Lie Detector Pass at least 10 days before airing.

The real shame of it was he was spending everything he had on personal injury TV advertising and it wasn’t working.

“Are you ready for the first question?” the examiner asked in that syrupy voice. “Did you actually help an alien with his damaged spaceship? yes or no?” Ugh - This was going to be a long day.

The truth is no lie detector is needed for a personal injury tv ad - The Television screen itself is the best lie detector. From the time we are sentient at approximately age two we learn to filter advertising claims. We know which toy we want and can discern the difference between animation and reality. We filter puffery from truth. We can differentiate between recreated events and reality. If you doubt it, take a child to a toy store or amusement park and ask the “is it real?” question.

When you try to be something you are not on TV, the public knows it and discounts your television Advertisement presentation.  That is why when you try to imitate someone else, perform in a manner inconsistent with your personal presentation, you fail.

When we take on a new client at GroupMatrix we are careful to interview our “new” lawyer extensively.  In this way we can be sure to project the inner you, the real person. This sincerity of presentation is the key. It’s part of the Magic of GroupMatrix television advertising. Our acting coaches, directors and linguists are there on the set to draw out the real you, and its best parts. Check with our clients and they will tell you it’s a wonderful experience like no other.

Thinking about Television advertising? You should. Your competition is. Don’t fail the Public’s Lie Detector (TV). Do it and let us guide you to project the real you!

Richard Sackett / CEO / Group Matrix