Tips on how to market your small personal injury law firm

Posted by Sharon Bowles on Jan 10, 2018 7:03:00 AM

A lot of small personal injury law firms feel at a disadvantage when competing with well-capitalized law offices. The large firms have more money to spend on advertising, have more resources and are probably better known. So what’s a small personal injury practice to do? There’s a lot you can do.

Personal injury victims need a lot of support because most of them have been through a psychologically traumatic event and some are seriously injured. You, the smaller law firm, have the great advantage of responding quickly to your clients in a more personal, yet professional way. You can help your clients get medical care, take the time to explain the insurance ins and outs of their case, and provide status updates regarding their claims.

The question that remains is how to market your personal injury practice to garner more interest and more clients without spending a lot of money?

Tips on how to market your small personal injury firm

Here are a few tips on how to market your small personal injury firm without breaking the bank.

  • Take advantage of low-cost online marketing tools. Traditional marketing, i.e., radio, TV, billboards, print advertising, etc., is still very important to market a personal injury law firm. However, while you are growing your business, you can take advantage of the marketing tools that are now online that are less costly.


A website: At this point in time, all law firms need a well-written, well-functioning website. That comes first. Once you have your site in place, it can become a springboard for you to continue to market yourself at a very low cost.


Videos can more than double your revenue. They need to be clearly taped (cinematically and audibly), with enticing imagery and a good story. Get your own YouTube channel and post your videos there and to your website.


Blogs are essential for creating changing content on your website, if you want to rank high on search engine results pages. You can choose how many you want to publish each week, discussing some aspect of personal injury law, or even some interesting personal event.


Host a seminar at your office or another location and talk about topics germane to your practice.


Podcasts: Record a podcast and broadcast it on your website.


Social Media: Get involved with the various social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ for Business, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


  • Get involved in the community: Nothing speaks louder about you than community engagement. If you are interested in helping out the homeless, or providing meals, or fundraising for a good cause, don’t be shy about advertising it on your website.


It may be difficult to compete with the big personal injury law firms in your area, but if you stick to your strengths, emphasizing your strongest skills, take advantage of low-cost marketing tools, and become actively involved in your community, chances are that you won’t remain a small firm for long.

If you need some assistance in growing your business from any level, from small on up, let me know. Our specialty is marketing for personal injury lawyers. Our business is to help get you business!


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