Twitter text tweets are important but multimedia content is vital

Posted by Sharon Bowles on Jul 1, 2018 9:53:44 PM

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Even with its emphasis on textual posts, research shows that neither an individual nor a business can build a solid base of loyal followers without multimedia content. With its millions of textual Twitter posters, about 40% of marketers verify that visual marketing is the most important form of content for their companies, after blogging. This follows the trend for 2018, in which the internet is expected to communicate more than 80% of its content visually.

For personal injury attorneys, you will have to learn how to create different Twitter posts to keep your followers engaged.

How to engage Twitter followers using multimedia content

The following is to help you understand how to engage your Twitter followers using multimedia content.

  • Videos: The most important and popular multimedia content is video. Research shows that brand awareness can increase even with a short video. Many go viral, if the right note is sounded. There is nothing like video to show who you are, how you act, your personality, and that of your personal injury law firm.
  • Images: It is a well-documented fact that people process visual information faster than they do words. High-quality and easy-to-understand photos and images are key to keeping your audience engaged and interested. As personal injury attorneys, you can use your own or stock photos/images to promote your business and inform your followers.
  • Infographics: Although some believe that graphs, charts, or any kind of infographics are not appealing, research shows differently. An infographic is 30 times more likely to be studied than a text post. Infographics are founts of information that can clarify a complicated issue. There are online tools to help you with template designs and some like Canva that can help you create your own.
  • GIFs: GIFS are short, informative videos and are usually amusing. Their popularity and the good vibes they cause is a great source of inspiration to compel your Twitter followers to share and comment.
  • Podcasts: An audio recording is great for those who can’t watch a screen because they are driving or otherwise unable. Choose a personal injury topic, gather a few experts in the field (you can probably use people in your office) and talk about information that could lead people to use your law firm when needed. There are many online tools to help you create your own podcast.

Reminder about Twitter’s character increase

Twitter recently doubled the number of characters it allows in text tweets, from 140 to 280. We recommend using the maximum allowed in order to fully describe your content and your related multimedia content.

Sweet treat: Repurpose old tweets!

Multimedia content is the perfect way to repurpose older tweets. Search for your most popular tweets, add multimedia content, and voilà, you have a new tweet!

If you need assistance preparing multimedia content for your Twitter page, give us a call at Group Matrix. We can help you with any and all aspects of your personal injury marketing strategy.

Group Matrix Blog – June 26, 2018 – by Sharon Bowles