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Posted by Sharon Bowles on May 25, 2018 8:52:00 AM

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In one of our previous social media blogs, we talked about the importance of incorporating an Instagram account into your online marketing plans. Once in place, you will want to to give your Instagram posts more exposure. You can do this by using hashtags.

The importance of Instagram hashtags

As with any social media marketing plan, you want more engagement and more followers. In general, hashtags can help you expand your reach, connect to new followers and create or add to discussion topics. Not all social media platforms place great importance on hashtags. Twitter does and Instagram really does.

Instagram has released a new feature that enables users to search for and follow specific topics, items, photos, businesses, people, etc. If your personal injury law firm uses the right hashtags, you can increase the likelihood of gaining new followers and potential clients.

How to effectively use hashtags on Instagram

Although generic hashtags are the ones most likely to be followed by users, finding just the right ones for your law firm will find you specific, targeted followers.

Here are a few ways for you to effectively use Instagram hashtags.

  • Use multiple location hashtags. Every personal injury law firm has a physical presence in one or more locations. By using multiple location hashtags, you can advertise your local availability and thus, your following. For example, if you have one location in Denver you can use #denverpersonalinjurylaw, #denvermedmalattorney, #denvercarcrashattorney. By using your location, you can alert people to your local presence. You should use at least three location hashtags for every post.
  • Use your own branded hashtag (ex., #thelawofficesofjohnsmith). In addition to location hashtags, you should also use your own business name. People who already know you will be more easily able to find and follow you. Those who have heard of you but haven’t needed your services but do need them now, will be able to find you quickly.
  • Use hashtags to publicize and event or community service in which you are involved. If you’re giving a speech at the local Chamber of Commerce, you can create multiple hashtags like #ChamberofCommercespeakers and #ChamberofCommercejohnsmith to try and get the word out. The same applies to any community service you may be a part of like fundraising for cancer. Examples to use could be #CancerfundraiserJohnSmithLaw and #Cancerfundraiserlawofficesofjohnsmith, or simply #Cancerfundraiser.
  • Use hashtags to publicize a new personal injury ruling or law. If a new law or ruling regarding personal injury law gets passed or goes into effect, inform the public with a post about it incorporating relevant hashtags like #tortreformmeasurefails #tortreformbill, #tortreformvetoed.

The whole idea of using multiple hashtags in a post is to try to reel in through the words you use, the people who would be interested in the topic of your post, as well as advertise who and what you are.

You can also ask your followers for feedback on a hashtag, eg., “Did you like #chamberofcommercespeakers” to encourage sharing. An added bonus to your cause is if the user repeats the hashtag in their response, which their friends and followers will see. You can see how just one post can grow exponentially.

Research hashtags

Much like researching what keywords to use in your online content, you can also research the best hashtags to reach your target audience. One such tool we found is Hashtagify, with plans that range from $19 to $249 annually. The results you will see after searching for a hashtag will include: popularity, recent popularity, month trend, week trend, and full analysis. This tool will also show you other hashtags related to the one you searched for that will give you new ideas about what will work and what won’t.

It’s important that you not only do the research and creative thinking, but that you test different strategies and track results. You always want to know what’s working and what isn’t so that you can hone your skills and get maximum results for your time.

If you have any questions about hashtags and Instagram, give us a call. Our experienced marketing professionals can help you and even create and maintain your Instagram account for you so that you can spend your time where it matters most. #GroupMatrix


Group Matrix Blog – May 22, 2018 – by Sharon Bowles