Why I hate zeros

Posted by Richard Sackett on Sep 13, 2016 9:04:53 AM

In Attorney Advertising

After clearing my desk last night it has happened again. My “workspace” has been deluged with numbers. 35%, 5 out of 10 prefer, only 23,000 in this demo, number blah, number blah and more number blah. The numbers pile up, one on top of the other making those at the bottom unrecognizable in their original context.

The modern world and the decisions in it have become one number against another. For every plus there is a minus. For every theory there is a syllogism. Every action in this world starts with ones and “zeros”.

There is a proverb, “figures never lie, but liars figure”. Or as Mark Twain wrote “there are lies, more lies and statistics.”

As a way to prove our value, our achievements, our effect on things, we use numbers. To our supervisors we tell of a percentage of improvement. To our peers we talk about the survey numbers. To our industry we talk about the trends.

What am I missing here…the human factor, the intuition, the trailblazing. Why am I missing the adventure of starting something new….because of those damn “ones and zeros”.

To be successful, to lead into mega profit, to become a household word, to reach the pinnacle of praise, you wont find it in the numbers. Numbers force us to follow what has happened before. The future is truly unknown because it hasn’t happened. Predictions based on numbers are as reliable as a tower of pickup sticks. Dewey Knows that.

You must trust in yourself. Know that you have talent. Somewhere inside of you there is vision. It is those numbers that instill the fear of failure within us. Greatness knows Failures are certain. Legend has it Disney bankrupted multiple times. It wasn’t magic that created the magic kingdom it was Walt- Imagination-Disney.

Who knows how many Great paintings, stunning architecture, game changing ideas have been never been born because of those zeros….

At GroupMatrix, we continue to create the most stunning and imaginative legal advertising. We listen to the reaction of those who view it. We hear the accolades that ring “I’ve never seen anything like that before.” Our clients lead their markets because around here - Damn those zeros, Imagination Rules.


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