Why is Your Door Locked?

Posted by Group Matrix on Oct 19, 2015 10:34:29 AM

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Is your door open or closed?

In my years of sales and attorney advertising, I have often wondered why some businesses weren’t open to hearing about a product or an idea that could better their business. If someone came to me with an idea on how to grow my revenue or increase my productivity I would surely want to listen to what they had to say. After all, they are experts in their field and I’m always open to learning something new that will give me an edge on my competition. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I say “no thank you” and move on.

The majority of the time it’s not the Owner or Manager of the business making the decision to say NO! Instead, it’s a Receptionist, Administrative Assistant or another employee. They’ve been taught or trained to respond in the negative or state that the person you’re requesting to speak with is unavailable or uninterested. I find this practice is more prevalent in the legal industry than in any other industry.

Don’t get me wrong - you are inundated daily with vendors selling their goods and can’t possibly take the time to meet with and listen to everyone when they call. At a minimum, accept some information and set aside an hour a week to look through what was sent your way. You never know what may be coming that could change your business for the better.

Keep an open mind and an unlocked door!

Corey Ausfeld
VP of Market Development