Being Treated Wrong Vs. Right by Your Legal Marketing Company

Posted by Andre Eble on Apr 28, 2015 7:17:09 PM

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Have you ever gone to the drive-through and ordered a cheeseburger, driven away only to realize you have gotten a hamburger? You paid for a cheeseburger!! What do you do? Go back or just suck it up and eat the hamburger? No one really wants to deal with that situation. Sure you might be able to but what if you could pay and extra dollar and guarantee you get your exact order or more? Would you take that offer? I would.

When you put together a Media Buy for your legal marketing campaign you assume it is going to run correctly and without a hitch. Do you have a guarantee? With Group Matrix you have a legal marketing team made up of professionals to make sure that what you pay for is what you are getting. And if not, it is remedied. In other words, we drive back and get what you that cheeseburger.

We ordered a personal injury television commercial slot for a client from a station to run during Judge Judy at 2-3pm, but the commercials were actually run during 4-5pm during another program. We went back to the station, had them correct their error and got commercials in primetime as added value. In essence, we got a free order of fries with our cheeseburger at no cost to our client.

Take another example; we had a station run the incorrect commercial. Just like giving us the hamburger. We went back, got the situation straightened out, received extra spots that benefited our client and we got the extra fries again, at no extra cost.

Just because the stations are a big broadcast outfit with lots of computers does not mean the invoice is correct. "Au Contraire!" They are often wrong. In this computer age, you still need the human touch. It helps to have someone to double check numbers that could cost you dollar signs. Someone who checks over the invoice against what you have ordered. Someone who checks to make sure that the correct commercials are running. Someone who cares. It may not be glamorous. It may not be flashy. But it is an essential element in the world of legal marketing. After all, you paid for it.