Branding vs. Direct Response for Personal Injury Advertising Firms:

Posted by Group Matrix on Sep 18, 2015 4:24:04 PM

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We often get asked, “Which of your Personal Injury television ads have been most successful?” Response for a Personal Injury TV campaign depends on many factors:

The short answer is that no one single television advertisement will consistently grow your firm. Even the best creative idea for a Personal Injury firm will eventually become stale.

Start with the fundamentals. Get your firm name right and don’t change it. Get a good phone number and don’t change it. Choose a spokesperson and stick with them. That is your Brand. Having a strong Brand will now allow you freedom with your Message.

No one ad will suffice. A compendium of different ads work together like a symphony. Their ”music” creates the momentum toward you when help is needed.

You cannot buy the public’s adulation simply with advertising weight. You must have a growing message.

The art is to create a continuum of messages that is unique, keeps emotionally growing and responding to a changing public.

Success cannot be pinned down to one ad. YES- The message is the hard part. If you need help creating it -- Call us to find out how. 


Ryan Serritella
Executive Vice President
Group Matrix