Fooling People Foolishly

Posted by Group Matrix on Feb 28, 2016 8:23:27 PM

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How many times can you say something that’s not true and fool the market?

No times.

The fact is that the public is not fooled, ever. Since we are sentient beings from birth our motor and mental functions quickly graduate to combine into thoughtful action. We combine visual, audio and all other senses before we take action. The complexity of recognition is faster than the fastest integrated chips. Within 700 days we are pointing at the television to express desires, manipulating electronic games to discover their effect, imitating the speech habits of our parents, walking, running and using our skills to manipulate through sound and physical activity our parents and others around us.

Too many that ply the trade of “marketing” adhere to the premise that by over shouting the airwaves and flooding the emails they can convince the public to action toward an obvious false premise. That is an arrogant assumption. Cognitive power says – no way.

So many waste their money on a message that is naturally rejected. Words like “best”, “most”, “toughest” all are meaningless superlatives that only appeal to the sponsor not the evaluator. Now begs the question of how to express superiority in a credible and effective manner.

The answer lies within the product or service’s core. What are the properties that have contributed to the success of the service in a competitive marketplace. Is it Access? Speed of Service? Community Recommendation? Personality? Longevity? It may be one of these or a combination of many.

These are the values that the public will use in evaluating the service. Present what you are, not what you think the public wants you to be. They can see through you.

The trick for attorney advertisers is to present these advantages in an entertaining way so that the public will listen to the message. That is exactly what we do at GroupMatrix. We analyze the core value of your firm and its leadership. We craft multiple messages in an entertaining way. We present the public with startle and challenge them to pay attention.  It’s power without overbearing persuasion.

The conclusion that your firm is the “best” is lasting because they have been convinced without ever using the word “best”.

We overpower the market in a few months and lead the market in a few years….

We don’t waste money foolishly trying to fool the market. We tell it like it is and the public loves it.

Richard Sackett / CEO / GroupMatrix

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