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Think back to when you graduated from Law School.  I bet you expected to go on to practice law, right?

Noble concept.  Unrealistic, but… noble.

Now fast forward to your present reality.  I bet most of your days are filled with practice management. 

Since the day you hung your shingle, you’ve had to worry about payroll, intake, personnel, taxes, rent, insurance, client communication, advertising, etc…

Oh, and, practicing law

I’ll never forget what my client and mentor, Paul Harding, told me on my first day in this business:

“All attorneys share a lack of confidence in their business plan.”

–    Paul B. Harding, Martin, Harding and Mazzotti

 What Paul went on to describe was a common thread in the Personal Injury category.  You were trained to practice law, but instead found yourself in the business of law.  Often, you have had to invent solutions on your own.  Figure out systems on your own.  Make mistakes on your own.  In other words, learn the hard way. 

Let’s be honest, none of your local competitors will lend you advice.  They certainly won’t let you peek under their hood.  It leaves a massive void when it comes to asking questions, seeking advice and getting real answers.



FEB 11th-14th, 2016.  NASSAU, BAHAMAS.


While Group Matrix’s expertise is in attorney advertising, practice management issues seem to dominate most of our conversations with clients.  This year, we decided to hold a client retreat in the Bahamas so we could address this topic.

There were no speakers, no seminars, and no experts.  There were no earth shattering revelations about the practice of law.

Instead, our attorney clients got to disconnect from their practices.  They really got to talk to each other.  Listen to each other.  Get to know each other.  Pick each other’s brains.  Develop a network of people they can talk to in the future.

And… it was a homerun.

Each of our clients walked away refreshed, energized and more confident in their own practices.  Most importantly, they walked away with friends they could call if they ever had a question.

We are grateful to have such a great group of clients who are willing to help improve each other’s lives.  I encourage all attorneys to seek out places where you can get honest feedback from your peers.  If you don’t know where to look…

Look here!  :)


Ryan Serritella, EVP
Group Matrix

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