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It was a pleasant day at the office of a substantial plaintiff firm until a former client called. A local hospital had sent her (and 2,000 others) a letter urging them to come back for tests of a deadly disease they may have received during a recent blood test.

A meeting of “partners” ensued with round table discussions lasting all day about the usual topics of liability, coverage and the firm’s resources.

Yes it happened, but not our client. We got the call at 9:30am and by noon every radio station was blasting the radio advertisement several times an hour. In 6 Hours the TV Ad was on its way to every TV station in town. The law firm’s long standing reputation and resources were quickly put to good use. The phones were buzzing and everyone in the office was taking names and numbers. People were dashing out of the office with retainers in hand. It was a furious day and it continued for many more.

The majority of the victims of this catastrophe were their clients and the firm was a happy camper. The other firms in town? Some were still in discussions but most were ticked off.

This is a true story of having the right attitude at the top, enthusiastic people surrounding and a responsive communications firm always ready with the reserve power to “do it now”.

It was no accident. We know a mega event can happen at any time. We maintain video images to cover almost any event. We have announcers, editors, and a media team with the capacity to act NOW. Our media relationships are so strong we can call the broadcasters, design he schedule, place the advertisements and get client approvals in less than an hour. This is how a plaintiffs firm gets to the top. Be fast acting. Make quick decisions. Develop an organization in place that has the will and the skill to respond.

Group Matrix has been at the top of the attorney advertising mountain since 1971. Forty-five (45) years has put a lot of distance between us and those that try to follow. We know how to make our clients happy campers. If you are one of those who are always ticked off, call us before someone in else your town does.

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Richard Sackett / CEO / Group Matrix

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