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Posted by Group Matrix on Mar 21, 2016 9:00:16 PM

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Social media marketing isn’t worth it.

I have heard this a thousand times since Facebook launched its first advertising venture in May 2005.  Now more ten years later social media advertising in the United States is estimated to generate over $10 BILLION in revenue in 2016[1].


Let me make myself perfectly clear: Social media marketing IS  worth it.

Advertising through social media enables you to reach future clients by using their own information to predetermine their interest. It allows you to target relevant users before they search for your keyword.

If you run an ad campaign on Facebook you can base your target audience on age, demographic, location, interests, activities, skills, connections and behaviors. This level of personalization ensures your ad is reaching a specific audience – rather than flooding the site (and wasting dollars out of your own pocket).  If you’re an attorney in Manhattan you wouldn’t want to spend money on an online ad campaign that reaches a high school student in Texas.

Social Media channels also offer easy to use analytics and conversion tracking, and they are completely mobile friendly.  In an age where 60% of digital usage in the United States is on mobile devices[2] it’s imperative that your ad is optimized to reach mobile users.

Perhaps you’re wondering what constitutes as social media. Social media encompasses a wide range of online, word-of-mouth forums including blogs, company sponsored discussion boards and chat rooms, consumer-to-consumer e-mail, consumer product or service ratings websites and forums, Internet discussion boards and forums, moblogs (sites containing digital audio, images, movies, or photographs), and social networking websites, to name a few. [3]

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With all of these channels readily available it can be daunting to determine where you should focus your advertising efforts.  That’s why we’re here. We are the industry’s leading Attorney Advertising and Practice Development Agency and have helped our clients become the largest and most successful Personal Injury Firms for over 30 years.   Give us a call - we’ll help you navigate the world of advertising so you can maximize your ROI and grow your client base!


Lauren Robertson

Director of Digital Strategy

Group Matrix


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