Tips on how to attract more clients to your personal injury law practice

Posted by Sharon Bowles on Jul 15, 2018 9:36:34 PM

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Personal injury law firms come in all sizes – from large and long-established law firms to new sole proprietors. However, all have the same goal; how to attract more clients.

The personal injury law field is very competitive. Recommendations from family and friends or referrals from past clients and other attorneys aren’t usually sufficient to bring the level of business you need or want. Much of the time, potential clients are looking for representation online and if you don’t have an evolving online marketing strategy, you may lose out to the competition.

Larger firms are better equipped financially to create and maintain an effective online marketing plan that can include expensive PPC campaigns, online ads, internet search, and more. They can hire a specialized marketing company to do it for them or hire someone in-house.

How to attract more clients to your law practice

Here are some tips that are geared more for smaller practices but can pertain to mid- and large-sized firms as well that can help you keep up with modern marketing technologies.

  • Develop a consistent marketing strategy. You must set aside some time to do this. Begin by defining your goals, analyzing your target audience, describing your firm, defining your competitors, defining your marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotional direction), determining your marketing budget and finally creating your marketing strategy based on definable goals.
  • Utilize proven tactics. Don’t spend any money on any plan that you don’t really understand or is too expensive to risk. You don’t want to burn up your budget. You want a strategy you can execute with efficiency that will bring desired results. This could include email promotions, social media posts, and/or joining a network of other attorneys.
  • Definitely invest in a website. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars paying someone to design and create a website. There are several free or low-cost DIY sites that you can take advantage of like Google My Business. Make sure the content is valuable to your prospects. Be sure to include a blog, social media badges, areas of practice, information about you, contact information, testimonials and other relevant legal resources.
  • Check and respond to your online reviews. A bad review could cost a small personal injury law firm a lot of business. Reviews are very subjective and a negative one can mislead prospects and current clients. Always respond to all reviews and when responding to the negative ones, take the high road. Instead of engaging in back and forth debate, show your integrity by responding honestly and leaving it at that.

By following through with these tips, you can reach your goals of brand awareness, lead generation, conversions, and band loyalty and retention, without breaking the bank.

If you need help developing your marketing plans on a small or large scale, give us a call at Group Matrix. Our staff of experienced professionals can help you create a successful digital and/or traditional marketing strategy to advertise the services of your personal injury law firm based on your budget.

Group Matrix Blog – July 17, 2018 – by Sharon Bowles