TV Advertising is NOT Dead

Posted by Group Matrix on Oct 5, 2015 3:53:44 PM

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TV Advertising is dead. At least, that’s what people were telling me when I got into TV 15 years ago. That’s what people keep telling me. Tivo and the Internet are going to make TV ads obsolete.

Fact - TV advertising is NOT dead.

TV advertising has a lot more going for it than other mediums, which makes it a lot harder to replace. People want to spend time with TV. It is a comfort. It is a luxury that almost everyone is willing to pay handsomely for. Consider the following:

• No one in history ever paid to receive a Yellow Page book.
• Very few pay for Sirius Satellite Radio.
• People spend THOUSANDS of dollars a year to receive TV.
• The average American home contains more TVs than people1.
• TV viewership is at an all time high2.

Having said that, it would be naïve to think advertising on is TV hasn’t changed. It was much easier to stand out in the earliest days of TV advertising. There were only a handful of channels, making it much easier to be seen. There was less competition for attention both on the air and in the home. There was no internet. So on and so forth.

In today’s environment, your creative and buying strategies need to adapt with the way people are watching TV. At Group Matrix, we have been adapting our strategies to compensate for these factors.

Buying live programming for our clients is a must. Buying “Appointment TV” is a must. Identifying and buying big audiences is a must. Most importantly, having creative that captures attention and the imagination is a must.

We often take for granted how powerful TV is. It combines sight, sound and motion to create EMOTION. It is unique in that regard. Moving video is and will remain the most powerful advertising mechanism ever invented.

If you need help harnessing the power of TV, drop me a line anytime.

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
- Mark Twain


Ryan Serritella, EVP
Group Matrix