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Posted by Group Matrix on Sep 28, 2015 10:55:03 AM

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In 1977, Bates versus the Supreme Court of Arizona made it permissible for attorneys to advertise. In 1977, Richard Sackett made attorney advertising profitable.

He and the scores of clients he has worked with since Bates V. Arizona have revolutionized the way attorneys market their services and run their law practices. I am pretty sure he has a photographic memory. I can say with relative certainty that he has a Mensa level IQ. He is a genius Mad Man often called the Father of Legal Advertising - which has made the 10 years I have worked alongside him incredibly interesting.

I talk to him at least once a day and I always keep a pen and a piece of paper at the ready to write down these little gems that roll off his tongue. For 10 years, I have stuffed them in the bottom drawer of my desk. Today I am going to reach in and pull at random 10 post-it notes from the Sackett drawer. In no particular order, here are some of the quotable GEMS Sackett Says:

1. Every day someone is trying to steal your clients.
2. Hire those who LOVE to do the work rather than those who HAVE to do the work regardless of qualifications.
3. Be authoritative in your comments and then shut up.
4. If an attorney is more concerned about price than their image... walk away.
5. The judge and jury do not have a remote control. The people watching your commercials do.
6. The difference between a consultant and an expert is 500 miles.
7. Lead people with a lantern in front of them, not a stick behind them.
8. If something I ask you to do seems wrong... assume there is something you don't know.
9. Convenience is a blanket that overlays every human decision.
10. Less process = more accomplishment.

Well that's it for today. Surely he'll say something worth jotting down tomorrow.



Ryan Serritella
Executive Vice President
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